Proud to be BEYOND THE ORDINARY, offering your "one stop shop", from the card production to the personalization, up to the service bureau, applying the cards over various solutions of carriers internally manufactured.

We are able to guarantee the most competitive prices on the market, by working with the best manufacturers of raw material. We are also proud to keep an eye constantly opened on the alternatives to the standard PVC cards, launching some “unique” green solutions, such as Certified Bio PVC cards, FSC board carriers, PET-G cards, etc.


Dr. Philip Longo

President and C.E.O.

Compunet Cards s.r.l.



European leaders in the market of plastic cards for the last 15 years, based in Italy; two highly technological and modern plants, built under severe secure control systems.​

The 95% of our production is exported outside Italy to 41 countries worldwide, mainly to Europe, but also to U.S.A., Middle East, and Africa. 

Short production time + Quick freight lead time + High Quality + Uncomparable Service: the “UNIQUE FORMULA” for our constant growth and success. Contact us today, we will answer you within the same day, exploring how to support your business in the most successffull way.


We only work for plastic card dealers, card manufacturers, personalization bureaus, marketink agencies.

We do not work for end users.


Bio & Green

We are proud to offer our bio pvc cards (Certified OXO-Biodegradable pvc), as a result of a new formula of pvc with special patented additives that activate the "biodegradable" process of pvc. Our Oxo-biodegradable pvc can be fully used in accordance with the American standard ASTM D6954-04 for plastics that degrade in the environment by a combination of oxidation and biodegradation. It is possible to personalize the bio pvc cards both with DOD and thermal printing.


ONLY days production

We guarantee 7 working days production for any order size up to 20.000 cards and 1 day day more for higher quantities.  The high level of technology allows us to keep our production costs very competitive and, at the same time, to maintain the highest level of quality available on the market.

We are used to build a trustful and a long business relation with our customers and to be considered your “strategic closed partner”. Contact our sales dpt. to get more details about our timings, low prices, great service and our well known superior quality ( Send us your projects, you'll get the best offer only after a few hours, including the production schedule and, in case of more urgent productions, we know how to find the best solution for you. 



our Sales and Customer Care dpt.

We are skilled to be HIGHLY SERVICE ORIENTED, offering a quick support to all your requirements, through our Sales and Customer Care dpts, ready to talk over the phone or on a skype video conf call at any suitable time for you.

We fluently speak English, French, Spanish and… Italian. Service is an issue for us. Any price enquiry is treated with the fastest answer. We are well aware on how is strategic for you to answer urgently to your customer. A team of eight motivated and highly skilled persons is ready to support you both in the sales and in the customer care relations.

Dr. Danila Cossu


Sales & Customer Care dpts. Mgr.


flexible at your service

Industrially organized to produce and personalize any size of your orders, from 1.000 cards, up to various millions in the shortest time possible, with a daily capacity of 1 million cards.

Our constant flexibility allows us to handle any order size with the same high quality level. 

All our team is fully engaged to offer you a "special treatment" in terms of speed, quality, wide range of offer and above all at the most competitive rates.


Mario Carcione

General Manager

Compunet Cards s.r.l.


committed to colour

All our plastic cards are colour profiled, according to our offset press: “Heidelberg XL” and “KBA”. The strict respect of the colour of your files is an issue for us, thanks to our ESKO pre-press platform and to our densitometer and spectometer systems that allow us to reproduce perfectly any color of the card. Before each production we are used to make a Cromalin of the file, under the certified Fiery standards, to guarantee the closest “d-E” with the files received. The plates for the offset press are produced by a Kodak Magnum CTP, with a special “Quantum” head, allowing to print as fine as 10 microns, almost invisible micro texts, to reach any secure print level.


a dedicated web area to our partners

We offer to our partners a “B to B private web area”, tailored to put you in constant contact with us. It is a friendly interface, offering the opportunity to check any price according to your configuration, to upload your files, to decide the type of shipment based on the urgency of your customer’s requirement, to check the status of your orders, to track the freight, to schedule the delivery of the orders. You can also decide to pay on line, you inspect your private gallery of all the cards produced with us, you get your invoices, you arrange video calls with any member of our team. It is your "front office" always connected with us, also from your mobile. A great interface to our CRM, that reduces time and speeds up your work, allowing you to give quick answers to your customers.

Contact our Customer care dpt. to know more on how to access to your private web.


fast Freight to your destination

Your orders delivered by in 4 days to Europe and 8 days to USA

Your orders are delivered by TNTchoosing between the “air service”, or the “express truck service”. The shipping costs are calculated on the incidence on each card, according to the quantity of cards required. 

You get a dedicated price list for each type of service. In order to optimize your freight costs, you can also proceed for a “combo delivery”, shipping by air a small partial quantity of your order and the balance by express truck service.

After the dispatch of the order, we send you a mail indicating the tracking number, to allow you to track your order on the TNT web site.

Included into each delivery you get 10 sample cards of each order, to be kept for any future reference, we also keep a few sample cards of your order for any future reproduction.


Your orders delivered by air in 1 day to Europe,

and 2 days to USA.

Compunet Cards s.r.l.
share capital € 4.500.000,00
company 100% belonging to Compunet Holding
VAT IT04797280874  

Offices and Plants:

95121 Catania  


Via Cosmo Mollica Alagona, 3

Phone: (0)95 61.80.100 (50 lines pbx)

Fax: (0)95 29.23.74


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